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A curious mind should have no constraints

Aavishkar International School

Aavishkar International School invites our young, curious learners to step into the new-age learning ecosystem. A beautifully designed child centric infrastructure nestled in a sprawling 8 acres campus, provides our young learners innumerable opportunities to explore, experience and enjoy freedom to learn and share. At Aavishkar, learning is all about doing, challenging the conventions, being enthusiastic, innovative and creative. Embedded in the philosophy of change and innovation, Aavishkar International School fosters culture which is dynamic, supportive and ever evolving, thus ensuring that learner remains relevant to the present and is ready to take on the future.

A-One Group of Schools was established in the year 1977 under the visionary leadership of Mr. Dinesh Shah. The school over the years has made tremendous contribution in the lives of more than 26000 students and 500 educators. Its has been an enriching and satisfying experience for all of us at the A-One Group of Schools.

Aavishkar International School is a dream come true for my entire team. Our inspiration is to be the key that deciphers the needs and aspirations of the learners of 21 century. We believe in staying relevant, tech equipped, flexible and sensitive to child's need for learning, understanding and innovative. We acknowledge the present but are also eager to change and create more wholesome, efficient, intelligent and humane learning environments for our children. I wish that with your support and clear focus of my team, we at Aavishkar International School shall be able to achieve our dream of providing every child “Education for Future”.

Mr. Dinesh Shah
Founder, Aavishkar International School

“There are no dream too large, no innovation unimaginable, and no frontiers beyond our reach.”

- John S Herrington

Aavishkar International School is a mindset that pushes me forward everyday to do something new, risk an idea, collaborate with people, who in turn amaze me and inspire me to try harder and try smarter. I believe that every dream is achievable only if you have the right intent and right people by your side. At Aavishkar International School, my endeavor is to welcome dreamers, creators , thinkers , innovators who share the dream to transcend the barriers of being ordinary and make an effort to become extraordinary. I welcome you to be a part of the dream at Aavishkar.

Mr. Maulik Shah
Managing Trustee, Aavishkar International School

“Any one can make simple complicated. Creativity is making complicated simple.”

- Charles Mingus

Learning at Aavishkar International School is all about unwinding, simplification and making learning transactions creative, calmer and cooler. We believe that there can be no stress to learning. It’s a process, if taken up in the right spirit and navigated precisely can do wonders with the active minds of the children, teachers and parents. At Aavishkar International School it’s our sincere effort to keep things simple yet dynamic and enable our children to enjoy the process of learning. I take this opportunity to welcome you to this “uncomplicated world of learning” at Aavishkar International School.

Mr. Viral Shah
Director, Aavishkar International School


Proposed CBSE School

The Proposed CBSE envisions a robust, vibrant and holistic school education that will engender excellence in every sphere of human endeavour. The school is committed to provide quality education to promote intellectual, social and cultural vivacity among its learners according to Proposed CBSE curriculum.

Astonishing Campus

8 acres of lush green campus encouraging freedom of movement, introducing informal learning spaces. The school is situated in the lap of nature on the banks of scenic Vadsar Canal. Centrally air conditioned campus. Ample sports facilities, hi-tech laboratories, botanical garden etc. for overall development and practical understanding.

Cultural values

A culture which is conducive to learning. This is reinforced by praise and rewards for good performance and student-cantered approach to teaching. Heavy emphasis on human values such as honesty, respect, hard-work, self-discipline, kindness etc. We believe in building a positive environment where every talent is nurtured carefully.

Experienced Team

Our Management team’s 4 decades of experience in education has helped us to create a school which is remarkably best in every aspects. Our highly qualified teaching staff ensures smooth and easy understanding of the subject. They are empowered to take initiatives and also accountable for their performance.

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