A-One Group of Schools was established in the year 1977 under the visionary leadership of Mr. Dinesh Shah. The school over the years has made tremendous contribution in the lives of more than 26000 students and 500 educators. Its has been an enriching and satisfying experience for all of us at the A-One Group of Schools.

Aavishkar International School is a dream come true for my entire team. Our inspiration is to be the key that deciphers the needs and aspirations of the learners of 21 century. We believe in staying relevant, tech equipped, flexible and sensitive to child's need for learning, understanding and innovative. We acknowledge the present but are also eager to change and create more wholesome, efficient, intelligent and humane learning environments for our children. I wish that with your support and clear focus of my team, we at Aavishkar International School shall be able to achieve our dream of providing every child “Education for Future”.

Mr. Dinesh Shah Founder, Aavishkar International School.

“There are no dream too large, no innovation unimaginable, and no frontiers beyond our reach.” - John S Herrington

Aavishkar International School is a mindset that pushes me forward everyday to do something new, risk an idea, collaborate with people, who in turn amaze me and inspire me to try harder and try smarter. I believe that every dream is achievable only if you have the right intent and right people by your side. At Aavishkar International School, my endeavor is to welcome dreamers, creators , thinkers , innovators who share the dream to transcend the barriers of being ordinary and make an effort to become extraordinary.
I welcome you to be a part of the dream at Aavishkar.

Mr. Maulik Shah Managing Trustee, Aavishkar International School.

“Any one can make simple complicated. Creativity is making complicated simple.” - Charles Mingus

Learning at Aavishkar International School is all about unwinding, simplification and making learning transactions creative, calmer and cooler. We believe that there can be no stress to learning. It’s a process, if taken up in the right spirit and navigated precisely can do wonders with the active minds of the children, teachers and parents. At Aavishkar International School it’s our sincere effort to keep things simple yet dynamic and enable our children to enjoy the process of learning. I take this opportunity to welcome you to this “uncomplicated world of learning” at Aavishkar International School.

Mr. Viral Shah Director, Aavishkar International School.

Being an “Aavishkarian for Life” is what drives all of us at Aavishkar International School. A unique vision that propagates a way of life that acknowledgable the needs of the children as they grow through early age, to adolescence to adulthood. Aavishkarian for Life (AFL) is all about striking the right balance in becoming knowledgeable, being the change agent and being humane or sensitive in life.

"The Aavishkarian for Life philosphy” propagates:

1. O2O

“Openness to out-of-the-box thinking” that drives the wheels of innovation and knowledge at Aavishkar International School.

2. Leading by Example:

At Aavishkar International School, we believe that being Humane or Socially sensitive not only creates an aware, just, nationally routed but globally active individual. The knowledge of virtuesand values learnt through various phases and stages of learning enables Aavishkarians to set a trend and lead by example.

3. Grooming the future Change Agents:

Aavishkar International School is a world where the ideal student finds the ideal educator. Every Aavishkarians who is a part of this ideal world, be it a student or teacher is a potential "Change Agent" with an innate capability to increase the pace of evolution and change. We believe that with our sincere efforts towards imparting education for future we can enable our learners to bring in positive transformation in the society.

“A curious mind should have no constraints”

It’s strange, how free movement, undulating landscapes, stream of butterflies, patterns of flowers can trigger the mind to imagine, think without hindrances and yet remain peaceful and ecstatic about learning.

'The Learning Ecosystem' at Aavishkar International School not only induces one to think intently, apply rapidly but also introduces one to be patient and in complete harmony with himself/herself and the surroundings.

The Learning Ecosystem spreads across a sprawling 8 acres campus, invites the children to be part of its knowledge touch points, creativity zones, hands on platforms and lovely playscapes to have fun and learn.

Safe, secure and fully manned campus ensures that the children, teachers and parents all feel comfortable and celebrate the learning process at Aavishkar International School.

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"Children must be taught how to think, not what to think." - Margaret Mead

The Education Program at Aavishkar Internation School is clearly bifurcated into Learning and Development.
1. Learning at Aavishkar International School, is all about encouraging meaningful exposure, experimentation and innovation, alternate learning techniques and effective technology integration in teaching and learning.

2. Development at Aavishkar International School, is all about creating meaningful platforms for creative expression, encouraging self improvement and growth , personality enhancement and skill building.

The entire learning ecosystem at Aavishkar International School sustains on excitement, fun and curiosity. Keeping learning and development simple and honest is what puts Aavishkar International School in a different league. Aavishkar International School shall offer CBSE based learning curriculum for Grades 1 to 12.

Integrated with international learning styles and approaches, learning at Aavishkar International School shall be stress free and enjoyable.

"Children want the same things we want. To laugh , to be challenged, to be entertained and delighted." - Dr. Seuss

Student Life at Aavishkar International School is all about striking the right balance. With appropriate concentration on well being, exposure to community service the students at Aavishkar International School are poised to develop into well groomed and responsible citizens. At Aavishkar International School the child is at the core of every learning and developmental initiative. Our focus is vivid to provide stability to the child and enable him/her to positively engage in learning.

Key focus areas of learning and development:

“I AM HAPPY”, with a clear focus on well being and enjoyment.

"I CAN & I WILL”, building positive self esteem and confidence.

“BACK TO BASICS”, for building educational competence.

"I EXPERIENCE LEARNING”, for academic enrichment.

“TOGETHER WE WILL SUCCEED”, support programs for ensuring optimal development.

“I AM CURRENT”, enhancing general awareness through relevant educational exposure.

"I AM STRONG", for a wholesome physical endurance program.

"I LEAD", community service program.

"I AM GLOBAL", language, art and culture appreciation parogram.

"I AM AAVISHKARIAN FOR LIFE", a unique value sensitization and personality shaper program for our learners.

An Aavishkarian has the unique advantage of receiving avant-garde education from highly qualified and well-trained educators who encourage students to challenge old ideas and explore new frontiers of knowledge. Every Aavishkarian shall turn out to be confident, supportive, sensitive, knowledgeable, innovative, creative and practical in his or her persona.

At Aavishkar International School, we respect our students, provide them with a strong academic foundation and also ample exposure to choose their areas of interest and discover their passion.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” - Helen Keller

Collaborative Learning is the need of the hour in modern education. The more one shares the more one learns is the motto at Aavishkar International School.

Our knowledge partnerships at Aavishkar Interantional School are primarily to foster the culture of research in school education. With a clear focus of being current, relevant and exciting, Aavishkar International School is one of the first school to launch a 'Research and Development' Center focusing on creating right sort of educational programs for students, parents and community at large.


AAVISHKAR Pre-School welcomes you and your child to the Kindergarten years!

Children begin a lifetime of learning at home. Kindergarten introduces them to the school years and helps to widen their learning horizons. These early years in education involve tremendous growth and learning. Parents and school staff, working together as partners, can help to ensure all children fully develop their potential. We wish you and your child a warm welcome.


  • "Excellent infrastructure."

    Varun Mahajan
  • "Aavishkar International School is conceptually very sound."

    Jay Parmar
  • "Good concept for children. Beautiful campus."

    Rajan Raj
  • "Concepts shared about the various activities are well planned & I am sure that will get implemented on same lines."

    R. K. Rao
  • "Good to see that the schools are coming up with identifying the interest area of child and their mentality and improving on it to shape better future of individual and humanity, It will give a chance to child to proliferate his or her forte of interest."

    Sumeet Dave
  • "We like your clear vision, agenda, plans and way you think for future for the faculty selection system and their development."

    Viral Soni
  • "Finally we got a clear picture about the school and we are really thankful for the same. We would definitely like our son to be a part of Aavishkar International School."

    Piyush Taklekar
  • "Very good infrastructure and want to join as soon as possible. Thanks."

    Kapeon Jani
  • "Dreams are high and challenging. And we are sure and confident you people can do it. All the best."

    Rajesh Parmar
  • "Excellent interior of school. Everything is explained superbly."

    Bansari Thakkar
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