Proposed CBSE Board vs State Board - A dilemma of every paren

Proposed CBSE Board State Board
Proposed CBSE syllabus is lot more student friendly. The structure is designed to reduce the pressure on students while books are interactive and interesting. Most of the state boards’ syllabus are even not updated for years now. They are more like burden instead fun to read.
Proposed CBSE has coffee shop approach. Students can pick the combination of subjects of their choice. For example, one can choose science while doing commerce or economics. Most State board offers choices only on secondary subjects. Student have to choose the stream where main subjects remain fixed. So it becomes burden.
Proposed CBSE curriculum are designed to develop talent which helps a child to make successful career out of his passion. State Board curriculum are mostly only career oriented.
Proposed CBSE exams are conducive with almost 40% weightage on formatives. You child will learn the subject throughout year and it is enough to clear exams. Students need to cram to pass the State Board exams. Whatever they learned doesn’t matter as they need to cram for exams most of the time.
Examination patterns is relaxed and spread over the years. Many state boards have adopted same pattern for important grades, but still there are many which follow old pattern.
Proposed CBSE curriculum helps a student lot to pass competitive exams due to their focus on formatives. Student will not have that formative experience if he/she studied in state board.
Proposed CBSE conducts JEE and NEET, two main exams for entrance in most prestigious institutes for professional courses. So their students always holds added advantage. It will become very difficult to crack such exams for state board child.
Most Proposed CBSE schools have quality teachers and most communication done in English. Most of English Medium schools of State boards also uses local language for communication. There are some good schools though.
International recognition: Proposed CBSE certificates are recognized in many countries around the world. State Board certificates are not valid. In-future your child move out of country, he/she will need to clear exams there.
Proposed CBSE schools are now available in most of the towns in India. So in-case of parent’s transfer in other state, a child can continue his/her education without any hassle. State Board student will face a lot of troubles. His/her education will suffer a lot. May be he/she needs to finish year without parents in same school.
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