Dear Parent,

We have taken the initiative to answer a few of your queries below. We hope they are helpful to you!!

Q. 1. Why should we choose Aavishkar?

Ans: We at Aavishkar believe that education forges an understanding across cultures, languages and across
borders. Our vision is to offer an exceptional learning environment that develops compassionate, ethical and global
children, but most of all it’s a place where there shall be fun, laughter, sunshine, challenges and loads of

Q. 2. How is Aavishkar different from other schools?

Ans: Built over a sprawling facility of 8 acres of land surrounded by gardens and modern day amenities Aavishkar boasts
of large classrooms, Library, Laboratories, Sports Areas, Butterfly Park, Skating Rink, and much more!! Aavishkar aims to
provide the best in tradition, culture, while giving children a winning edge.

Q. 3. Which Board Aavishkar follows?

Ans: Aavishkar follows the CBSE BOARD.

Q. 4. How will my child benefit from Aavishkar?

Ans: Six reasons that shall benefit your child:

  • Our nurturing environment.
  • Highly qualified and motivated teachers
  • The use of latest technologies for further learning
  • 8 acres of excellent facilities and exceptional grounds to enhance indoor and outdoor learning.
  • Extensive sports and co-curricular activities program.
  • We live by our student centered philosophy and values.

Q. 5. Is Aavishkar is an English medium, co-education school? Is it diverse in its thoughts?

Ans: Yes, Aavishkar is an English medium co-education school. Yes, we welcome children from different
backgrounds, race, and culture. We firmly believe that a school is a temple of learning open to all, irrespective
of caste, creed or culture.

Q. 6. What is the medium of instruction?

Ans: English is the medium of instruction at Aavishkar.

Q. 7. What are the school timings?

Ans: The school functions from 8:00 am – 2:10pm. Mon-Fri, All Saturdays are Holiday for students.

Q. 8. Will the teaching staff be trained and qualified? Will they communicate only in

Ans: Yes, the teaching staff is qualified and is fluent in the English language.

Q. 9. What co-curricular activities will the school offer?

Ans: The school offers a variety of sports activities such as Football, Basketball, Skating,
Karate, Athletics, Art, Music and Dance too!!

Q. 10. When does the session start?

The session commences in the month of April for every year.

Q. 11. Will there be a lot of Home Work? I have heard it is tough to learn in CBSE

Ans: Learning is fun when the learning environment, the student and the teacher are all in sync with each other.
We shall ensure that the entire learning journey is joyful. Academics are different from state board but not tough!

Q. 12. The school is far from the city. Will you offer food? Will there be a cafeteria?

Ans: Yes, the school offers canteen services to its students on the campus. (At a charge)

Q. 13. What are the medical & safety norms followed at the School?

Ans: The School has a well equipped medical center with a trained doctor in its premises. All safety norms
as per School regulations shall be followed.

Q. 14. What is the fee structure?

Ans: Fee structure shall made available on your visit to the school from our admin office .

Q. 15. Will you run school buses?

Yes, transportation shall be offered to all the students.

Q. 16. Will I be a part of your schooling process?

Ans: Yes, every parent shall be an active participant of the Learning Environment and the Learning Process.
Together we shall turn “Mirrors into Windows”.

Q. 17. When can I meet you?

Ans: Any time…. All the time.… Whenever you have time….. at the School Campus.

Q. 1. What is the qualification of the teaching staff in your Pre – School?

Ans: Graduate with Diploma in Early Childhood Care/ Montessori / B.Ed.

Q. 2. What activities do you have in your school? What are the methods of teaching?

Ans: We follow Montessori, thematic and play way methods of teaching; we create scope to explore the nature as a mode of learning, which is an integral part of our curriculum. We have dance, music, yoga, PT, etc as a part of our curriculum, for their overall development. We also have field trips spread across the year to make learning effective.

Q. 3. How do you assess the children? Is there any examination?

Ans: Assessment is carried out by observing children while they are in the classroom. Intellectual, emotional and physical skills are evaluated continuously by the teachers. Along with it oral, hands- on and written skills are used to test listening and speaking skills of each child.

Q. 4. How is Aavishkar Pre- School different from other Schools in Ahmedabad?

Ans: Our curriculum focuses on overall and holistic development of a child. We are always creating an atmosphere where a child will be able to learn independently.

Q. 5. When can I meet you? How often do you have PTMs?

Ans: Any time…. All the time.… Whenever you have time….. at the School Campus. We have quarterly PTMs. Apart from that parents can come on Saturday to have a meeting.

Q. 6. How are the celebration done at school?

Ans: At Aavishkar, we believe that learning about a concept or a festival can only happen if we celebrate it intensively. All the festivals are celebrated with lot of fervour. You can visit our facebook page to know all about it. https://www.facebook.com/aavishkarinternationalschool.