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How CBSE curriculum nurture student's talents?

Aavishkar School believes in integrating best methods with the world-class infrastructure we have. And technology is integral part of the process. We believe in activity based learning and with class strength of just 30 increases the focus on individual students.

With focus on overall development of a child, we are also affiliated with CBSE Board. CBSE curriculum is designed to develop holistic individuals. CBSE syllabus is prepared to nurture student’s talents instead of pressurising the child. The main focus of CBSE curriculum is,

Develop Entrepreneurial instinct

Today our country needs more entrepreneurs and CBSE board also advocates the same. The CBSE curriculum pays full attention on polishing the co-scholastic skills of students till grade 10. However, life skills and value based education are always at the core of their education scheme. When the student enters grade 11, subjects like Entrepreneurship, Business studies, Creative writing skills, etc. are introduced to add a new dimension to the student’s personality.

Skill development

Skill is not merely to fill the pockets, it is important to bring a sense of self-confidence in the child. So the focus is really high on skill development in the syllabus, even more than the content. Content is easily available everywhere but it is more important to let the children know what to do with content.

Develop the student’s competitive mind

The CBSE exams have 40% weightage to formative in every subject. Which ultimately develops a student’s mind to find a pretty marginal difference in between options. This approach has other advantage in career as well. Admissions in most of the prestigious institutes are processed through competitive exams which are mostly formative. Exams for IAS, IFS, IES and many other Govt. jobs are also conducted in same format. So CBSE board students always have added advantage in these exams.

Help students to face real world challenges

The CBSE has coffee shop approach in higher grades 11 and 12. The students can study science with commerce or economics. This special freedom to choose combinations of their choice prepares a person to be expert in specific field of his choice.

So CBSE board is not just for career development, but it is for talent development. The curriculum is prepared to bring out best. It helps your child to bring out the hidden talent and make a successful career of his/her choice.

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