Academic program at Aavishkar School is based on the three parameters.

Emotional and Physical Well Being:

Happy Mind and Healthy Body ensures that all of us at Aavishkar are emotionally and physically ready to take up the challenges of School Education with a smile. Creating a positive environment, observing children closely and listening to them intently will lay the foundation for lifelong learning. Our agenda is to bring the children into a positive and self motivated mode of learning. It’s a fact that emotionally and physically balanced children shall be more eager, prudent and focused at learning, thus ensuring success and achievement.

Brain EM-Power:

It’s a fact that humans use only 10% of their brain power. Reason for the same is attributed to regime based learning, no exposure to problem solving, no creative challenges. Our belief at Aavishkar is to harness the intellectual capabilities of the brain. Beginning from simple reading at elementary level to debates, discussions and deliberations at secondary level. The academic program at Aavishkar International is all about EM-Powering the Brain, giving it food for thought.


At Aavishkar “ENCOURAGEMENT” is mandatory. The concept of Encouragement is engrained into the system. Every individual is focused on giving positive feedback to the children and to each other, creating an environment where everyone supports each other and team work takes forefront. At Aavishkar, simple encouragement techniques to complex credit systems all form part of the learning and development program.