Learning Program

The PRE SCHOOL learning program at Aavishkar is unique in nature.

  • Inbuilt opportunities for self- expression and exploration for the little ones.
  • Child Centric learning is at the core of the learning program.
  • Mentored by experts from ECCE domain, the learning content and methodologies are standardised and at par with national standards.
  • Encourages recognition, comprehension and application.

Amazing Learning Spaces

Positive, interactive and fun filled Learning Spaces is what AAVISHKAR PRE SCHOOL is all about.

  • Butterfly Park: First initiation to life !
  • Veggie Patch : As you sow so shall you reap !
  • Innovation Time : Critical Thinking !
  • Kid Fit Zone: Testing physical endurance !
  • Aqua Play: Water Blues !
  • Learning Classrooms: Air -Conditioning systems, equipped with learning resources , ergonomic furniture all add up to create a wonderful experience.
  • Play Zones: Energy out bursts in the play zone.

My Day At School

  • Morning Prayers/ Welcome Circle
  • Outdoor Play TIME
  • Concept Introduction/ Recapitulation
  • My Munching Time:We believe that wellness and health are key to over all development of our children.Introducing them to healthy eating, on time routines and inculcating a habit of sharing and caring is what the Canteen sessions are all about. The service is optional but we still recommend it for all our children. Pre defined menu under the guidance of a dietician ensures that children are developing healthy eating habits. Please note that the services are outsourced to a professional agency.
  • Music & Movement
  • Circle Time/ General Conversation
  • Good-Bye !

Field Trips

Field Trips and Outdoor visits are natural extension to the learning curriculum.

  • Visit to Super Market
  • Visit to Farm
  • Visit to Temple
  • Visit to Ice Cream Factory
  • Visit to Fire Station
  • Visit to Sundarvan


The little Aavishkarians engage themselves in a lot of activities and celebrations throughout the year. Infact they learn most of their concepts through fun based activities. Right from the various colours to Animal kingdom, from means of transport to various seasons, they learn everything from their decorated and interactive surroundings.