Vision, Mission and Focus


To develop a school for the 21st Century Learner.


To develop independent, curious, confident, sensitive, knowledgeable individuals who can make significant contribution at national and global level.

Our Focus

Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Information Technology and 21st century skills.

We believe that apart from the 3Rs of education, it is imperative that we give adequate exposure of information technology that is rapidly changing the global scenario and equip children with relevant skills such as knowledge assimilation, presentation and much more.

Application Based Learning

“Let’s Apply” is the mantra at Aavishkar. It is imperative that the children begin to apply the concepts that they have learnt in the classroom. More one applies more one understands.

Lateral Thinking & Innovation

Creativity and Out of the Box thinking is the key to the learning program at Aavishkar. Allowing the children to challenge the conventions, raise a query, deliberate and approach problems and issues in a systematic manner ensures that the learning is just not one dimensional.

Skills & Talent Nurturing

Identifying talents and skills at early age, gives us all an opportunity to enable our children to develop the same. With focused training programs, trained faculty and one to one time with each child, it becomes imperative that we nurture their talents and interests.

Personality Development

Sharp, presentable, open minded, courteous are just some of the personality traits we would like every child at Aavishkar to imbibe. Learning about ways of the world and having the ability to mould oneself as per the environment ensures that our children will be confident at facing the challenges of the professional world.